“As the spoiled rich girl with the (eventual) heart of gold, she was physically perfect and vocally secure. Mr. Picker has given the character some of the score’s most extended set pieces, filled with enormously elaborate leaps and melismas. Ms. Cook never faltered…Cynthia demonstrated admirable musicianship and considerable intelligence in her traversal of the role.”

James Sohre, OPERA TODAY

"Étoile filante de la soirée, le mezzo-soprano Cynthia Cook s’avère aussi fine comédienne qu’excellente chanteuse en tant que Baronne."

FC, www.Anaclase.com

 “Young Artists from the Glimmerglass apprentice program were splendid in the many supporting roles, particularly

Cynthia Cook, as a slave trader who robs Candide ('Bon Voyage')"


"Cynthia Cook (Vanderdentur), pour ne citer qu’eux, sont à tous égards exemplaires, aussi habiles comédiens que musiciens distingués."

Pierre Sadars, www.Concertclassic.com

"Cynthia Cook, qui semble avoir des moyens importants d’après ce qu’elle exhibe en Vanderdendur...méritent les éloges les plus vifs."

Maurice Salles, www.Forumopera.com